In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. ~Robert Frost

13. oktober 2013

White isn't just white anymore...

Visited my new favorite store in Bergen last week, and got myself one of these sketch books. Yeah, I know, I own at least 20 sketch books, but this one was oh so cool. 24 pages, 3 assorted whites. Paper isn't just paper. White isn't just white. I loooove the warm feel of these papers. They are so pretty with my chalks. And speaking of chalks, I only own a few colors. I need more!

Close to two weeks with pneumonia, has driven me up the walls with boredom, and I finally got to clean up my space. Found a lot of equipment I'd forgot about.... I need to do more drawing. I need to do more blogging... Sorry about my laziness, folks! Things will get better now. I have more time in the winter.

Btw, when did this blog turn english? I'm sure I remember blogging in norwegian some time ago... :-D